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Online reviews and testimonials do the work of word of mouth referral for today’s internet savvy generation. Most people prefer to read client reviews and testimonials instead of services to know about a business. That is why National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC has recently added a client reviews and testimonials section to its corporate website. And now, realty investors can learn about the many benefits of partnering with NRIA directly from clients.

Additionally, new clients can also make use of NRIA’s Facebook reviews to learn clients experience with NRIA’s services.

Let’s go through some highlights of NRIA’s unique investment plan that proves how NRIA, LLC is not just another real estate investment advisory firm, but one of the best.

NRIA, LLC Investment Plan

NRIA’s business model is different from traditional realty investment advisory firms. NRIA’s prime target area is Center City, Philadelphia, which has a thriving real estate market. Its unique and well-though-out investment plan improves the profit margin significantly and promises long term rental benefits for investors. Here is how it works:
  • NRIA team locates undervalued, unused land in prime Philadelphia neighborhoods
  • The firm then asks qualified investors for a small goodwill deposit of $11,900 and in exchange will coordinate up to 100% financing for their client’s investment
  • NRIA team then oversees the construction of a brand new residential property on their clients’ behalf
  • NRIA helps its clients leverage Philadelphia province’s law of “no property tax” on new constructions for first 10 years
  • NRIA ensures that construction is done with the highest quality building material, architectural techniques and workmanship to ensure a considerably high final appraised value
  • NRIA also takes care of all the legal and paperwork involved in the process
  • Once the construction and legal formalities are finished, investors become the owner of luxurious residential property worth between $550,000 - $1,000,000, depending on the property location
Additionally, NRIA offers a 5 year rent guarantee to clients looking for long term rental benefits on their investment. Property management and rent collection are also part of the rent guarantee.

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