Friday, 30 October 2015

Ortlieb Square – Another Real Estate Achievement by NRIA

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC has delivered groundbreaking luxury projects in Philadelphia. Ortlieb Square is one such achievement in the field of real estate development. The property with 36 townhomes is on its way to become a prominent landmark in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia. All units offer high ceilings, hardwood floors, large windows, walk-in closets, a private garage and much more. Click here to read more about National Realty & start building your real estate portfolio today! 

Monday, 19 October 2015

National Realty Investment Advisors LLC's Revolutionary Investment Strategy

Everyone loves an investment opportunity that minimizes risks and maximizes gains. In the real estate field, National Realty Investment Advisors LLC is the only company with an investment system that guarantees both positive rental cash flows and economic benefits. Though the firm has been flourishing since 2006, new investors still have ample queries about its methodologies.

Read below to discover how NRIA coordinates and micromanages the locating, acquisition, and construction of 100% new construction, luxury rental properties:

Land Acquisition

Locating and acquiring undervalued raw land is the first step NRIA takes to keep project costs low. In fact, the seasoned team at NRIA is able to acquire raw land at 20-30% below market value. By focusing on surplus sales, sheriff sales, tear downs and similar opportunities, commercial brokers of the professional project management firm lay the groundwork for huge equity returns.

Top Level Construction    

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC has entered strategic partnerships with the top construction companies active in Philadelphia. Besides high quality level Q2 construction, clients also benefit from volume discounts on building materials. Furthermore, NRIAs rental properties come with the advantage of oak or maple hardwood flooring, quality bathroom fixtures, finished basements, ample parking space, plus all basic modern amenities.

The equity margin created by purchasing below market value land and exclusively using top level construction increases the home valuation by 25% to 30% in comparison to the investment made by the client. Other advantages brought by NRIA’s unique investment plan are as follow:
  • 10-year property tax abatement
  • Five-year “break even” rent guarantee
  • Modern financing options and consultations
  • The promise of 100% satisfaction - or your money back
  • Fixed price construction contract

And only require a small cash-in of $11,900 plus 100% financing

In this day and age, real estate investments have never been safer or more profitable. Please visit to learn more about NRIAs strategic “cash recycling” investment system, and start building your real estate portfolio today!

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Philadelphia is Now Home to the American Bible Society

Philadelphia is often in the news for offering unmatched real estate investment opportunities, but now it’s making headlines for becoming the new headquarters for the American Bible Society.
It has been reported that the American Bible Society is moving to 401 Market Street, and has leased 8th and 9th floors. The company has also invested in retail space on the ground floor to further its business objectives.  

Roy Peterson, CEO and President of the American Bible Society, applauded the walkability of Philadelphia and stated it was the obvious choice for the company’s next headquarters.

This news is just another indication of Philadelphia’s growing reputation as the favorite business hub and investment destination. Visit to discover how you can get with the city!     

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Philadelphia – Land of Rowhomes and Profitable Property Investments

Philadelphia is the land of rowhomes and profitable property investments. According to a recent chart released by the Washington Post, 60% of Philadelphians live in rowhomes. According to the chart, the city of Philadelphia has more row homes than any other US city. 

Click here to read more about Philadelphia’s unique realty market and learn how you can start investing in profitable property investments in the area.