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The Unique Realty Development Process created and proven by NRIA for High Return Low Risk Property Investments

NRIA’s nine-year proven and unique approach to developing investment properties guarantees high returns to investors under their 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. It is the only guaranteed investment real estate available in the United States. Their realty development process entails coordinating and micromanaging dozens of arduous tasks like financing, construction, inspections, and tenanting - so investors do not have to. The program is designed for high level executive business clientele and provides them a hands off absentee ownership complete professional management system of their safe high return rental property investments. 

Here is how this professional project management firm manages the complete process:

1. Review of Realty Investment Opportunities 

It begins with your project manager reviewing returns and investment opportunities. All NRIA properties are acquired at deep discounts after extensive research and assessment. These properties are in the best prime real estate locations only and promise a minimum $150,000 built in equity return. NRIA has coordinated the purchase of more than 900 client buildable lots in the Center City Philadelphia marketplace all with 10 year tax abatements All details are handled by the project manager and NRIA management.

2. Reserve your selected property with $11,900

Investors reserve their favorite property by retaining NRIA services with an initial $11,900, refundable deposit for 15 days from the date of submission. If the situation demands, this duration can be extended more, and investors get the freedom to claim refunds until the time their application is accepted for financing and closing.

3. Get Financing

Investors credit applications authorize NRIA to coordinate their new construction financing at the lowest possible cost to start the 14 month project. NRIA specialists have obtained extremely creative financing methods in terms from their 12 Philadelphia bank lenders. All lenders review NRIA projects in detail and approve them for financing before the projects are offered to clients. All NRIA lenders confirm financing before closing. Clients can feel safe that a 2nd set of very skeptical eyes review every project including the bank VP of risk management, bank vice president of credit, and bank vice president of appraisals. NRIA keeps clients the updated and aware of best financing options, helps them select their bank and loan package (if financing is desired) and gets the client to the actual closing meeting with the bank and title company. NRIA bank vendors offer some of the best construction financing in the country.

4. Construction phase

After financing, the NRIA team takes charge of supervising and auditing construction on a daily and weekly basis. The company’s main Philadelphia architects JKR partners make sure that all homes are built to top quality standards by pre-selecting the highest and luxury amenities, building materials, designs, appliances, and energy efficient systems and materials. NRIA and JKR then continually collaborate with the builder winning your quote and continually audit them during the construction phase to ensure on-time delivery. Only the highest level builders are allowed in the NRIA program that can meet its rigorous standards. It is a requirement that all of their construction contracts the fixed in price and that they build on time.  Investors need not fear any cost overruns or surprises. Clients are updated every 2 to 3 weeks via email photographic reports of the construction milestone reached progress.  NRIA also employs an independent construction audit or to order in every job alongside with the required Philadelphia licensing inspection department weekly reviews of permit and building code compliance. NRIA clients get only the highest level luxury townhome build available in the city of Philadelphia. These homes are extremely well-built and extremely valuable.

5. Tenant recruiting and Guaranteed Rents

National Realty Investment Advisors strategic vendor property managers guarantee your rents and tenant acquisition for the property. Properties are rented on average for 3.3 years by the majority of tenants. A minimum one-year leases required. Only the highest level credits and executive level professional clientele will live in your home in these prime areas and that these rents. As you rent your property, the property manager collects and manages the tenant and all rents, deducts their flat $50 per month small fee, and passes the full rent check through to you. By renting your property is effectively your Tenants that will pay down your mortgage principal balance every month while you enjoy positive cash flows as well as property appreciation. NRIA and his property managers and all the details professionally and in a hassle free hands-off manner you never get a tenant phone call. NRIA insures hassle-free absentee ownership. Property owners only have to deposit their monthly rent check and handle their accounting.   

6. Property Resale and profit-taking

When the client wants to cash out the equity in their property NRIA coordinates the highest level realtor’s in the city of Philadelphia to sell your property. NRIA out sales/resales create large cash flow profits for its customers and return on investment. Generally return on any cash put in the property runs about 30% per annum. NRIA coordinates all of the details putting staging house with furniture and making sure that advertising, web promotion, showings and access to the home are available during the key selling season to get that price. The company manages the property resale by taking sure that hosting of open houses and perfecting home decor staging is done correctly and professionally. Again an entire hands-off managed process for busy executives who are looking forward to just collect their big cash out check.  

National RealtyInvestment Advisors, LLC has completed over 700 successful projects in America’s number 5 major city Philadelphia. Any cash left in a project earns some of the highest rates of return in the United States. Under its “cash recycling” investment system if cash is temporarily “parked” or used to build the home, at the refinance typically 95% to 100% of all of that cash is returned to the investor while the home is now rented and paid for by the tenant. For more details about NRIA’s realty investments, visit here

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