Wednesday, 9 September 2015

National Realty Investment Advisors Introduces - The Quarters at Fairmount

Call now for a Free High Return Investment Kit on “The Quarters” and arrange an appointment with one of our experienced Senior Project Managers.  Remember, this is a time sensitive, limited opportunity of 100% Contemporary New Construction in the heart of the Northern Liberties epi-center! It is another below resale value, equity-rich GUARANTEED SATISFACTION PROPERTY to add to your retirement collection - paid for by GUARANTEED tenant rents and fully managed long-term for your family. With minimal cash in the project – it’s another NRIA GOLDMINE RETURN!  Also, come in for a FREE Strategic Investment & Tax Planning Consultation & find out how you can own a 10-20 Unit portfolio PAID FOR BY TENANTS - NOT YOU - and what you’re really missing.

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