Thursday, 17 September 2015

2022 Trenton Ave. – Re-Sale: Another Ultra High Return NRIA Property Success

Since 2006, National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC has created over $400M of equity from just $30M of cash-in invested by its 100% individual repeat investors. The most recent example of its excellent results in real estate investment is 2022 Trenton Ave.
This middle-class luxury home builder’s earned monthly rent of $1,850, covering its mortgage payment of $1,559 and generating additional monthly cash flow as well for 4 years. The Property owner benefited from the modern home developed under NRIA’s “cash recycling” investment system which return nearly all of the cash put in to build it right up front. With no cash left in the property the owner also made a huge profit on sale.
Let’s get acquainted with the unique advantages achieved by 2022 Trenton Ave.

Property details 
Built using top quality materials, 2022 Trenton Avenue brings 7 spacious rooms (4 bed - 2 bath), finished basement, designer kitchen, and modern amenities for city living. The newly built property is located in 2,141 square feet, and carries the opinion of value of $400,000. In case you aren’t familiar with NRIA’s investment plans, such property pays off itself over the years by guaranteed tenant rents. This home sold for $375,000 after the mortgage was paid down approximately $35,000 of the rental. Kudos NRIA.

Impressive statistics
National Realty Investment Advisors,LLC has mastered the formula of building and managing rental properties that generate unmatched equity returns for clients. Have a look at the impressive figures of 2022 Trenton Avenue, and you will know what we are talking about:    
  • $57,000 net profit after all taxes and fees
  • 182% inception to date 4-year total return
  • 45% annual return on cash-in for 4 years!

Go through the table below for more insights: 

2022 Trenton Avenue, Philadelphia is located in close proximity to Frankford Hall, Johnny Brenda's, La Colombe Flagship store, Penn Treaty Park, Frankford Ave Art Corridor, Greens Grow farm, and popular restaurants.

NRIA has completed over 600 projects in Philadelphia and has delivered 100% satisfactionto every client. View other completedprojects for details about other real estate ventures.

Own a similar property and earn long term investment benefits without the hassle of rent collection and property maintenance. Call 201-210-2727 to learn how National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC makes secure and profitable investment possible in Philadelphia region.   

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