Thursday, 30 July 2015

Top 15 Real Estate Development & Investment Companies in Philadelphia

No property tax on new constructions for 10 years, availability of land, lucrative rental benefits, and high equity returns; all these factors make Philadelphia a favorite real estate investment destination. As a result, Philadelphia has also become a hub of some of the best real estate development and investment companies in the United States. To help you out in partnering with the best of the best of them, here we have created the list of top 15 real estate companies in Philadelphia.

Name of Real Estate Management Company: National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC
Website URL:
National Reality Investment Advisors, LLC, with its well worked out investment plan, assures investors with high net worth huge returns on their real estate investment in Philadelphia, PA area.

Name of Real Estate Company: JKRP Architects
Founded in 1984, JKRP Architects is a full-service architecture firm built on relationships. Based in Philadelphia and serving clients nationwide, we become a part of the community. We explore your neighborhood, meet your neighbors, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in development to make your project a success.

Name of Real Estate Company: Onyx Management
Interested in Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County homes & property? Browse our site for all available real estate, including single houses, townhomes, condos & land.

Name of Property Development Company: US Construction
US Construction is a full-service general construction and redevelopment firm specializing in new luxury residential single family homes and townhome communities

Name of Property Development Company: Onion Flats
In 1997 brothers, Tim and Pat McDonald, began Onion Flats by purchasing a 200 year old, five story building in the Old City section of Philadelphia

Name of Real Estate Company: Cornell Capital Advisors, LLC
Cornell Capital Advisor’s, LLC (CCA) is a commercial loan advisory firm located in Wayne, PA.

Name of Real Estate Company: NAI Geis Realty Group, Inc
Professional commercial real estate brokerage, development and investment services for Philadelphia region, Center City, and Northern New Jersey for owners', landlords', and tenants' office space lease, renew, buy, relocate, manage and develop

Name of real Estate Company: Premier Access Property Management
Company Website:
Premier Access Property Management is pleased to offer a selection of over 300 luxury apartments and townhomes in the Greater Philadelphia area. See what's available now!

Name of Real Estate Company: Equity Land Abstract, LLC
The most expensive purchase one will make in their lifetime will most likely be buying a new home. We understand that and know how important it is that your closing is conducted and completed as.

Name of Real Estate Development Company: Mulhern & Kulp
M&K has shown a true commitment to our company over the years. Not only have they adjusted with us in the trying times, but they always make sure to understand our needs as a client and what our goals are.

Name of Real Estate Company: Obermayer Law
Obermayer offers legal services to businesses, organizations & individuals. Located in PA, NJ & DE. A member of the International Alliance of Law Firms.

Name of Real Estate Company: RT Environmental Services Inc
Company Website:
RT Environmental Services Inc. is a solution-oriented Professional Environmental Engineering Consulting and Remediation Firm offering services throughout the Mid-Atlantic states.

Name of Real Estate Company: KJO Architecture LLC
KJO Architecture out of Fishtown Philadelphia is a residential and commercial architect. View past and present projects for both residential and commercial

Name of Real Estate Agency: Metro Construction Developers
Our Project Management Staff brings over 25 years of experience and our comprehensive knowledge in all fields of construction allow us to better manage cost control, quality, resource allocations and scheduling.

Name of Real Estate Company: ProBuild
ProBuild is the nation's largest supplier of building materials for home building, professional & contract builders. Building products, supplies, tools & much more.

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Philadelphia Is #1 When It Comes to Buying/Selling Homes for Cash

Philadelphia real estate and housing market has been phenomenal during past couple of years despite whatever situation rest of the US realty markets have been going through. Availability, affordability, or returns – for all these factors Philadelphia has been in news recently. But this time, Philly is making news for a whole new reason. 

A recent study claims that Philadelphia has the highest rate of cash homes sales. In contrast to national average, which is 35%, in Philadelphia about 60% of the real estate deals have been done through cash in 2015. Visit the link below to learn more on the matter and to know some interesting facts:

Friday, 24 July 2015

Is Real Estate Still the Favorite Investment for Americans?

Recent months have been harsh on US real estate market. Thin supply of houses for sale, inflated prices, declining home-ownership, etc. all these factors have put real estate market into a pretty dire state. However, a recent poll from tells that real estate is still the favorite investment option for Americans. Visit the link below to read the full story and to check out all the stats.

If you are in search of a profitable real estate investment opportunity, then partnering with NRIA to invest in Philadelphia can put an end to you hunt. Unlike rest of the real estate markets, in Philadelphia there are ample real estate investment opportunities. Visit to learn more.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Where to Invest in Real Estate in Present Market Situation

In comparison to the last year, the profits through real estate investments have dropped considerably. While last year real estate investments have taken down stock market by a good margin, this year the stats seem to have turned upside down. In a recent interview, CEO of American Assets Capital Advisers pointed out several reasons behind the decline in profits through real estate investments in 2015, as well as suggested the real estate areas where one should invest in, given the current market state. 

Check out the full interview here.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

More Foreign Asian Investors Are Finding Their Way to US Real Estate Market

A recent report from CRBE tells that during first quarter of 2015, a mammoth $3.3 billion of foreign investment found its way to the US from Asian investors. Comparing these number with last year’s stats, clearly tells that more Asian investors are turning towards the US real estate market. While it is certainly a good new for commercial property sponsor, this shift will also benefit seasonal US investors greatly, as most foreign investors need a quality investment partner.

Check out this post to learn more on the topic and how it will affect US real estate in time to come :

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Build a Strong Real Estate Portfolio with National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC

Building a strong real estate portfolio is a much more demanding process than ensuring profit on a single real estate investment. But National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC simplifies this intricate process for high net worth investors who are planning to invest in the Philadelphia real estate market. With its well-thought-out investment plan and sophisticated financing options, NRIA helps its clients earn huge equity profits and long term rental benefits on minimum cash-ins.

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC simplifies this intricate process for high net worth investors who are planning to invest in Philadelphia real estate market. With its well-thought-out investment plan and sophisticated financing options, NRIA helps its clients in earning huge equity profits and long term rental benefits on minimum cash in. Since 2006, NRIA has generated over $400,000,000 of equity from clients’ $30,000,000 invested cash.

Let’s get into details how NRIA makes it possible:

‘Cash Recycling’ Investment System

The innovative ‘cash recycling’ investment system by NRIA enables investors to purchase new investment property by using the equity profits & rents earned by another investment property. With NRIA’s cash recycling system, investors can use the same cash-in on every project instead of investing a massive amount of capital on multiple projects. 

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Guaranteed Built-in Equity Return of $150,000

NRIA’s locates deeply discounted and unused land in Philadelphia suburb area for its clients and build high quality new residential property on them. This in turn, makes the appraised value of the property considerably higher than its buying and construction cost. NRIA assures its clients a minimum equity profit of $150,000 on each property investment.

Assured Long Term Rental Benefits

Newly built luxury townhomes with several modern amenities located in prominent neighborhoods are bound to attract renters. And on top of that, NRIA offers a 5-year built-in rent guarantee to its clients, so that mortgage payments never feel like a baggage. This guarantee can be extended easily by 2 years at a time if clients wish.

Professional Property Management

NRIA appoints aprofessional property manager for their investment property. This saves them from the concerns of tenant search, rent collection, repairs, etc. Consequently, it allows them to spend their time and efforts for planning their prospective investments, thus in strengthening their real estate portfolio. 

Fixed-price On-time Construction Guarantee

What makes investing with NRIA most alluring is the small down payment. For each project, NRIA asks its clients a small & fixed investment of $11,900 + 100% financing. NRIA also offers its clients of an on-time built guarantee to honor its 5-year rent guarantee. In case of delay, appointed property manager is liable to pay a daily penalty to the client.

No Property Tax for 10 years

NRIA deals in 100% new constructions in Philadelphia PA area. And this is the ace-in-the-hole feature of their investment plan. There is no property tax on new constructions in Philadelphia, PA area for first ten years. This relieves clients from the burden of excessive property tax, and allows them to manage their assets better.
All these features of NRIA’s investment plan clearly create a path towards building an impressive real estate portfolio. Apart from that, hundreds of NRIA’s repeat clients are living proofs of it. Many of them own more than 10 investment properties with NRIA and enjoy sheer real estate profits.

So, if you too want to succeed in your quest of building an impressive real estate portfolio, rather quickly and easily, then give NRIA team a call at 201-210-2727 or visit to know about their upcoming investment properties. 

Answers You Must Get Before Leasing an Apartment - USNews

Moving into a new place is not only a physical task, but an emotional one too. Especially, if you have found your dream apartment. But you must not let the emotions get better of you. There are lots of aspects about leasing an apartment, which if overlooked in excitement, can become pain in the neck in long term. Thus, it is important that you think twice or even thrice before signing an apartment lease, even when you’re sure this is where you are going to live.

Go through this post that explains which questions must be asked before leasing an apartment :

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Impressive Real Estate Portfolio of World’s Richest Man

It’s not only the paradigms of technology that you can learn from Bill Gates, but also how to build an impressive real estate portfolio. From several incredible personal mansions to hotels to farm lands, Gates’ real estate portfolio is as vibrant as Microsoft’s product range. Check out this post to get inspired from the story of all of Bill Gates’ real estate investments.

You don’t need to be the richest man in the world to build an impressive real estate portfolio. What you need is a good investment plan and its timely execution. Visit to see how NRIA helps its clients in building an impressive real estate portfolio with its innovative investment plan.

Thursday, 9 July 2015

NRIA’s Property of the Week: Bridgeview at the Waterfront

One of the hottest ongoing residential projects in Philadelphia realty market, ‘Bridgeview at the Waterfront’ is NRIA’s property of the week. Nestled between St. Christopher Columbus Blvd & Catherine Street where Queen Village meets Delaware River, ‘Bridgeview at the Waterfront’ is an exquisite complex of 75 luxury townhomes, built in modern style and with several modern amenities.

Construction work on the property will conclude in next 6 to 8 weeks, and the complex is open for rental bookings. By September, the property will be ready for renters. Like NRIA’s all previous properties, Bridgeview is being built keeping investors’ interest in mind. The highest quality material and construction process will ensure investors a high equity return as well as lucrative long-term rental benefits.

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Let’s learn more about the ‘Bridgeview at the Waterfront’ complex and find out why it is one of the most talked about properties in Philadelphia.

Beautiful Location

Bridgeview complex is ideally located at the Delaware River waterfront near Penn’s Landing Heliport.  From the rooftop of each unit of this 3-story complex, a magnificent view of the Benjamin Franklin Bridge, Delaware River, and surrounding area can be observed.

Basic Property Features

Bridgeview complex is a gated community built on a total lot area of 141,931 square feet, including the parking and common open space. Depending on the location and architecture, there are 8 types of house units (A, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, and B). Gross living area for each unit varies between 2,220 square feet (Type-B) and 2,280 square feet (all others).

Enchanting House Features

Each house unit is spread across 3 floors with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The master bedroom with attached walk-in closet and spa-like bath is at the top floor. Each unit is also provided with a fully-finished basement, an exquisite rooftop, and a choice between front or rear yard (depending on location/type of the unit).

Each unit will have a gourmet kitchen on the ground floor with granite countertop and high-end stainless steel appliances. The ground and top level will have hardwood floor while the mid-level of the units will have tiled floor.

Ideal Neighborhood

One of the best features of Bridgeview complex is its nearness from public facilities & amenities. Nearest restaurant, coffee shop, bar, grocery store, park, school, and transit facilities are all easily reachable by foot. So, dwellers will hardly need a car to run daily errands.

Best Investment Property

NRIA has built this property on a previously unused and undervalued piece of land. The quality construction of the property has raised the final appraised value of each house unit considerably. To give you a fair idea about financial benefits associated with the complex for investors, following table features details of two types of Bridgeview house units.

Type A
Type A5
Building cost*
Appraised value
Equity profit
Monthly rental cash-in income
Monthly cash-out flow
Positive cash flow per month
Monthly principal pay down of mortgage
Rent benefit per month
Annual net rent benefit for first year

* All figures are closest round value to the actual value

Undeniably, for any investors these benefits are nothing short of mouth-watering. But that’s not all. Under its unique investment plan, NRIA also provides investors a 5-year rent guarantee with professional rent collection, property management, and tenant search services.

To find out more about ‘Bridgeview at the Waterfront’ and for rental bookings, visit