Thursday, 4 June 2015

5 Year Rent Guarantee on Your Rental Property Investment, Only with NRIA

When it comes to real estate investment in residential property, most people go for long-term rental benefits instead of instant equity profits. Undeniably, the former choice is much profitable, since equity return is assured once you own a second house. However, putting your property on rent has its own challenges like rent collection, property management, and above all, finding tenants.

To resolve these overheads of being a landlord, National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC offers a very lucrative 5-year ‘break even’ rent guarantee for investors interested in making a rental property purchase in Philadelphia, PA area. 

Let’s find out what benefits investors get under NRIA’s 5years rent guarantee.
  • Investors will be liable to receive rents continuously for 5 years
  • A professional property manager will be appointed for rent collection and to manage repairs and renovation of the property during this period
  • Property manager will be responsible to find tenants. When your house stays empty, property manager will be obliged to pay your expenses.
  • Investors can extend the rent guarantee by 2 years (at a time) once the 5 years period is over.
  • In extended period, property manager will assist investors with the selling process whenever they wish to sell the property

Other than these, since NRIA team only deals in 100% new constructions, as a property owner you have to worry less about repair and renovation expenses. Plus, your property being in Philadelphia will provide you quite a relief with your mortgage payments, since there is no property tax in Philadelphia on new constructions for first 10 years. 

Realtors talk about delivering 100% satisfaction to clients without intending to go that extra mile it requires. And that is what differentiates NRIA from other real estate investment advisory firms.
Visit to learn about NRIA’s unique and highly profitable investment plan and make your next real estate investment your best one.


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  2. Applicants gross monthly income must be three (3) times the amount of the monthly rent We Buy Houses