Friday, 15 May 2015

Are You Looking for a Safe Secure Investment Producing Monthly Income?

Are you interested in deploying just $11,900 plus financing, into a secured, hard asset that provides you a massive $150,000 plus built-in equity profit?

If you want safety, cash flow, secured high returns, and tax benefits – then think about joining the smart money clientele at National Realty!

Purchasing raw land at wholesale and building it as 100% new construction at volume purchase contract costs - is the highest investment return concept available in today's market! Then, when that real estate is pre-rented and rent guaranteed for 5 years you have an incredible, professionally managed absentee ownership investment.

Did you know, it’s easy to have the property manager guarantee your rents in one of the lowest vacancy rate cities in America and the ONLY ONE with NO PROPERTY TAX on your building for 10 years?!

Did you know, when you buy raw land at the lowest negotiated cost and subdivide it properly you start with a huge cost advantage of $30,000 to $70,000 per lot? Did you know that when you quote that project to multiple builders – with NRIA’s professional quote process - you obtain the lowest cost of building for the highest quality “Level 2” appraisal standard custom construction? 

Quality level 2  includes Custom Marble or Travertine baths, Granite Countertops, Custom Cabinetry,  Hardwood floors , 9 foot plus ceilings, loads of Natural Lighting, all new utility systems, the latest energy-efficient Stainless Steel appliances and amenities with finished basements, roof decks, parking and huge walk-in closets. 

Obtaining this quality of materials and workmanship yourself in a major US city would normally cost you $300 plus per foot or more. With NRIA's quoting system and volume you receive a custom quality level to appraisal standard new construction build for typically $155 a foot – depending on the site. That’s a massive additional $150,000-$300,000 further cost savings off retail building costs – and it goes right in your pocket as built-in equity in these incredible townhomes!

We beat Wall Streeter’s, top investment gurus, top Business owners, and top financial planners every day with the 30% to 60% return on cash left in the property our system creates. It’s a massive, safe return with NRIA Philadelphia properties.

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