Tuesday, 26 May 2015

NRIA’ Property of the Week: Fante Leone Place Townhomes

Located in the Bella Vista neighborhood of South Philadelphia, Fante Leone Place townhomes complex is NRIA’s latest finished realty project. National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC has built this luxury townhomes project in association with celebrated architects JKR Partners and Philadelphia’s renowned builders U. S. Construction.
Read on to check out the most prominent highlights about NRIA’s this property.

Property Features

Named after the historic Fonte Leon Pool, the Fante Leone Place is a complex of 3 modern carriage townhomes equipped with several luxurious amenities. Each unit has a gross living area of 1,920 square feet with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms and a well-equipped kitchen.

The main living space is provided on the first and second floor. Part of the grand floor is spared for off the street car parking. The parlor floor features the Great Room with high ceilings for a contemporary living space. The master bedroom features walk-in closet, luxurious spa-shower and balcony.

Popular Italian Neighborhood

Bella Vista means ‘beautiful sight’ in Italian. And indeed this exotic neighborhood, bounded by 6th Street, 11th Street, South Street 7 Washington Avenue, is a beautiful and vibrant place. In simple words, Bella Vista is a small Italy within Philadelphia. The neighborhood hosts many market and art festivals throughout the year.

Desirable Walk Score

Being located in a popular and lively neighborhood, Fante Leone Place townhomes naturally will be delight for walkers. The Walk Score of these townhomes is 98. Nearest restaurant, bar, grocery store, park, transit store, etc. all the located within quarter of a mile.

Equity Profits
The average construction cost of each Fante Leone Place townhome is $423,609. NRIA team has developed these townhomes with highest quality material and workmanship. Consequently, the final appraised value of each unit is averaged $611,667. This means a built-in equity profit of $188,058 is assured for investors.

Rental Benefits

Following are the rental benefits associated with the Fante Leone Place:
Average monthly rental cash-in income:
Average monthly cash-out flow:
Average positive cash flow per month:
Average monthly principal pay down of mortgage:
Average rent benefit per month:
Annual net rent benefit for first year:
Property value appraisals and rent growth with time will double the annual net rental benefits by 5th year. 

All these equity and rental benefits are offered by NRIA to clients in return of goodwill investment of $11,900 + 100% financing. Investors interested in owning a luxury townhome in Philadelphia, PA area with assured high equity and rental benefits, can learn more about NRIA’s highly profitable investment plan at www.nria.net.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Are You Looking for a Safe Secure Investment Producing Monthly Income?

Are you interested in deploying just $11,900 plus financing, into a secured, hard asset that provides you a massive $150,000 plus built-in equity profit?

If you want safety, cash flow, secured high returns, and tax benefits – then think about joining the smart money clientele at National Realty!

Purchasing raw land at wholesale and building it as 100% new construction at volume purchase contract costs - is the highest investment return concept available in today's market! Then, when that real estate is pre-rented and rent guaranteed for 5 years you have an incredible, professionally managed absentee ownership investment.

Did you know, it’s easy to have the property manager guarantee your rents in one of the lowest vacancy rate cities in America and the ONLY ONE with NO PROPERTY TAX on your building for 10 years?!

Did you know, when you buy raw land at the lowest negotiated cost and subdivide it properly you start with a huge cost advantage of $30,000 to $70,000 per lot? Did you know that when you quote that project to multiple builders – with NRIA’s professional quote process - you obtain the lowest cost of building for the highest quality “Level 2” appraisal standard custom construction? 

Quality level 2  includes Custom Marble or Travertine baths, Granite Countertops, Custom Cabinetry,  Hardwood floors , 9 foot plus ceilings, loads of Natural Lighting, all new utility systems, the latest energy-efficient Stainless Steel appliances and amenities with finished basements, roof decks, parking and huge walk-in closets. 

Obtaining this quality of materials and workmanship yourself in a major US city would normally cost you $300 plus per foot or more. With NRIA's quoting system and volume you receive a custom quality level to appraisal standard new construction build for typically $155 a foot – depending on the site. That’s a massive additional $150,000-$300,000 further cost savings off retail building costs – and it goes right in your pocket as built-in equity in these incredible townhomes!

We beat Wall Streeter’s, top investment gurus, top Business owners, and top financial planners every day with the 30% to 60% return on cash left in the property our system creates. It’s a massive, safe return with NRIA Philadelphia properties.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Ortlieb’s Square Luxury Townhomes in Northern Liberties, Philadelphia- NRIA, LLC

National Realty Investment Advisors developed 36 investment townhomes units at Ortlieb's Square (838 - 52 North American St.) in the heart of the Northern liberties, Philadelphia. National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC is building this ground breaking complex in association with JKR Partners, a renowned architecture firm, and U.S. Construction, premium luxury townhomes builders.

At Ortliebs Square, you will have a typical $170,000 starting equity profit, guaranteed rents, positive cash flows, and the quality of 100% new construction and technology - in a super demand downtown Philadelphia neighborhood. To check full details about Ortliebs Square, checkout this post:

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Why More Americans Are Eyeing European Real Estate Market?

Stable growth of the US economy in recent times has put US dollar back in a strong position. That, added with declining property price in the European market following the recent financial crisis, has driven US investors to buy property overseas. Most Americans are now eyeing France, Spain, Italy and Germany as their target real estate market. Many are buying property in Canada as well. Read this post to learn more on the matter.

In case you want to make a highly profitable real estate investment in the US, then partnering with National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC can provide the answer to your call. Learn more about NRIA’s investment plan on www.nria.net

Monday, 11 May 2015

What Are the Factors behind the Declining Homeownership Rate in the US?

The US housing market seems not to have recovered from the 2008’s economic collapse. Despite the stabilization of the economy in recent years and promising housing market progress reports, present homeownership rate in the United States is lowest since 1993. The situation obviously raises some serious concerns. And certainly, now there is a need to look deeper into the matter to understand its causes and effects.

Read this comprehensive post that outlines the major factors affecting the homeownership rate in the United States despite all the progress in recent times:

Thursday, 7 May 2015

More Reasons to Why Philly Is a Top Choice for Real Estate Investment

Most often the law of no property tax for first 10 years on new constructions is borrowed to demonstrate the benefits of investing in Philadelphia realty market. No doubt, it is a source of huge relief for property owners making mortgage payments. However, there is more to Philly’s real estate market than just that. Boom in housing market, revitalization of public spaces, luxurification of popular neighborhoods, all are indicating towards highly profitable prospects of investing in Philadelphia real estate market.

This post will outline various facts and figures as reasons to why Philadelphia is considered as one of the best real estate investment destinations in the United States.

Renovation of the City
The whole city is undergoing some changes and the Central City is undeniably ahead in the race. In some areas, entire neighborhoods are being transformed. New hotels, business towers, housing complexes, and the much in talk development of the Navy Yard are taking Philly to a transformation of so grand a level that it hasn’t seen since the construction One Liberty Tower back in late 1980s.

Also read this detailed post about the booming trends in the City of Brotherly Love.

A Top Rental Return Market

A recent report by RealtyTrac on rental housing market features Philadelphia among the 10 highest rental return markets in the United States.

 Will the development going on throughout the city and continuous influx of young to mature professionals, it is hardly a surprise that Philly made it to the list. Interested readers can check out the other 9 cities with highest rental returns and other major highlights of the report here. 

Household Income in 6 Figures
All things come together to meet at one point. Development throughout the city in public places, business & industrial spheres, and housing market, all have made life of Philadelphians more prosperous. A recent analysis of census data by Lauren Gilchrist, director of research at Jones Lang La-Salle, Philadelphia indicates that average household income in the Central City area has crossed the 6 figures bar. According to the report, the average household income for Central City is $107,000. In some popular neighborhoods like Society Hill it is as high as $150,000.
In past few years, US realty market has gone through some dramatic fluctuations. In spite of that, Philly’s realty market has remained considerably stable. And the good news is that latest Health of Housing Market (HoHM) report by Nationwide Economics suggests that US housing market is most promising since 2001. Follow this link to read the complete report.

All in all, this adds up another reason to make your real estate investment in Philadelphia.

To leverage the sheer benefits of investing in Philadelphia realty market in the best manner, you can partner with leading investment advisory firm National Realty Investment Advisor, LLC and get assured high equity return and long term rental benefits. Visit their website to learn more about NRIA’s real estate development services .

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Saturday, 2 May 2015

Philadelphia is in 10 Highest Rental Return Markets, US- NRIA

Philadelphia has one of the lowest vacancy rates for New Construction Town Homes in the nation – under 2.3%.
Even “Rehab to Rents” in Philadelphia can throw off top returns. Recently released, the Residential Property Rental Report by the housing data firm RealtyTrac features the top 10 rental return markets in the US. The list was topped by the largest independent city of the United States, Baltimore, Maryland with an annual gross rental yield of 24.82%

Following graph illustrates the position of each city in the list with their annual gross rental yield in percentage.  

Checkout Full Post in Details Here: http://nria.realtytimes.com/marketoutlook/item/34682-philadelphia-ranked-among-the-10-highest-rental-return-markets