Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Why Spring and Summers Are the Best Seasons to Sell Your Property?

The spring is on a roll in the United States with fresh blossoms and sun showers. While the season marks arrival of some big events and activities, it is also the time to get ready for people looking forward to selling their homes. In fact, the spring and summer are the peak seasons for the housing market. Be it buyers or sellers, everyone keeps an optimistic view about the spring and summer real estate market.

Here are some reasons that make spring and summer best seasons for house sales

The stats say so:
Considering previous years’ stats, housing sales typically reach their peak in June and continue to remain high during the months of July and August. A considerable rise in house sales begins to appear right after Memorial Day weekend. All these stats indicates that March to May is the time when buyers are out and looking for houses.

Better Financing options available:
April is also the time when major banks including Well Fargo, America’s biggest home lender, ease down their lending regulations so it become a little easier to qualify for a home mortgage. Many smaller banks also follow in their footsteps till the end of the summer..

Easy to shift:
And of course, which other season can be a better time than summer to move into a new house. No one likes to shift during the winter amidst all the snow. Plus, summer breaks undeniably makes it the perfect time of the year to shift, and also to buy a house.

So, if you too are planning to sell your house or invest in real estate, then now is the right time to buckle down and start with the process.

If you have another reason to add to this list, then we will love to add that to the post. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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