Tuesday, 17 March 2015

5 Reasons That Make Philadelphia a Great City

The birthplace of the United States of America, historic city of Philadelphia has much in its reserve that make it a top city not just to tour and travel but also to live and succeed. For people coming from outside, it is quite hard not to notice the glow of the City of Brotherly Love. Stats says that about 40 million people visit Philadelphia every year. That’s a huge number, but it won’t be that surprising after knowing why Philly is so great and why it is counted among the best places in the States. So, here we go!

Best Place to Visit in the US

For being the home to our founding forefathers, Philadelphia, inevitably becomes a top tourist attraction in the States. In fact, recently NY Times voted Philadelphia as the best tourist spot in the US and third best in the world. Liberty Bell - the iconic symbol of America’s independence; Independence Hall – where the declaration of independence was declared; National Constitution Center – an alive exhibition of US constitution and its history; Rocky Balboa statue, countless museums, Longwood Garden, etc. all make Philly a must visit place in the US.

Best Shopping Destination in the US

Another reason why Philly is visited by millions of people year round is the experience of shopping here. Walnut Street, South Street, King of Prussia mall, etc. are afew hot spots of the city for shopping. While shopping is certainly a major attraction, dinning in Philly too is unmatchable. Of course, Philly’s cheesesteaks comes first in the line. Then there is DiniC’s roast pork sandwich (favorite of Man Vs Food’s Adam Richman), plenty of bacons for bacon-lovers and more. In Philly, shopping and dining go hand in hand.

Best Place to Stay in a Hotel

Luxury and affordability are hard to find together when looking for a hotel in a new city. But in Philly, you’ve got plenty of options for that. Besides, since most of the hotels in Philadelphia are nestled in the historic buildings of the city, visitors also get to learn and experience much about place’s revolutionary past. There are many hotels in the heart of the city near the top tourist spots. And because of their historic origin, most hotels in Philly have aesthetic mixture of European and American interior. 

Best Place for realty Investments in the US

Now, there are more reasons to why outsiders want to have a piece of Philly. Philadelphia is also a delight for real estate investors. Reason being, there is no property tax on new constructions in the entire Philadelphia, PA area for first 10 years. Of course, with the overhead of property tax out of the picture, a considerable equity profit is assured. Additionally, Philadelphia, PA area has plenty of unused undervalued land, which makes it easier for investor to locate an area with good equity return prospect.

Best at Having the Worst Sports Fans

Be it football or baseball, Philadelphians are known for being the most passionate and outrageous fans of all. If it’s an Eagles game, then it’s a celebration time in Philly. You would find the whole city merged in green color with Eagles jersey on shoulders and ‘Fly, Eagles Fly’ on the lips. Same is with every Phillies game. Crossing the federal panel is common for every Philadelphian sport fan.

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