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National Realty Investment Advisors Adds Value to New Construction

National Realty Investment Advisors is committed to helping its clients build safe, secure retirement investment portfolios. There are many other financial service companies and investment firms that claim likewise, but there is something unique about National Realty Investment Advisors. As its name suggests, this is a company that believes earnestly in the moneymaking potential of real estate.

In particular, the company offers investors opportunities to invest in new construction income producing residential properties throughout the Philadelphia area. The company chose Philly because the city happens to offer many lucrative benefits for investors—including terrific tax advantages and a heavy demand for prime real estate. As for why NRIA  uses new construction as its strategy over existing older real estate stock, it has everything to do with creating value from new technology, materials, and 100% new construction look and feel with amenities. NRIA’s value-adding strategies are also well documented.

In fact, the company has a lengthy list of ways in which it adds value to new construction real estate. A few of those methods are listed in the paragraphs that follow.

National Realty Investment Advisors Brings Tremendous Value

There are several ways in which value can be added to new construction real estate—including the following strategies :
  • Selecting the Right Location
We all know the old cliché about real estate—that the three rules of the game are location, location, location. Like most clichés, this one has more than a little truth in it. National Realty Investment Advisors agree that location is one of the main deciders of a property’s value. Investors or buyers will select a home or a property based on things like zoning, local taxes, schools, access to amenities, safety, crime, the overall quality and appeal of the neighborhood, and more.
This goes back to the National Realty Investment Advisors decision to focus on the Philadelphia area. This is a hot market, with many opportunities for real estate success. The company emphasizes areas of Philly that are especially promising—especially “up and coming” neighborhoods in the “hotter spots” in Philadelphia where young Professionals and “Empty Nesters” returning to the City congregate and want to live.
  • Selecting the Right Land
A new construction can be made or broken by the quality of the land. A good lot does not need a great deal of development work done to make it workable—else, profit margins are shot. This company is careful in evaluating pieces of land thoroughly tested – both from a soil and load bearing point of view and environmentally – before making a selection.
  • Working Well with the Builder and Architects
Adding value to new construction means ensuring that the construction is of the highest level of quality, technology, and design. At the same time, it is important not to break the bank here—not to go over budget on the construction and therefore eliminate the profit margin. NRIA works to quote/bid to multiple builders properly, ensuring an under market pricing value obtained for its clients – due to its sheer volume of purchasing orders – and a high level of construction quality and amenities.

NRIA strategy includes the integration of the expert Architects JKR Partners, LLC and Jerry Rollers team of trained and productized specialist residential income producing Town Home designers. These superior “technical artists” and their inside knowledge and experience in over 600 NRIA Town Homes built give them an inside track to the best overall combination of design, amenity, technology, efficiency, energy saving and environmental balances. These determinations make NRIA homes of high equity value – far exceeding cost to buy land and build – and immediately rentable to high income families.
  • The Right Financing
Financing also plays a big role in the value of a new construction. Normally, it is still very difficult for most individuals to get any form of Investment Property New Construction Financing today. However, due to National Realty’s portfolio of a dozen 7 year old partner lenders familiar with the pure equity values created and earned via NRIA techniques and management of the project, up to 100% financing is available to approved NRIA clients.  NRIA coordinates financing  properly, and effectively keeps the cost of the total investment low – even with loan and closing costs included – far below its ASAP re-sale value and Income Producing Rent Value.  By deciding to use certain technologically advanced appliances, an owner can increase the overall value of their property.
  • Quality Control
At every stage of the construction process, it is important to keep an eye on the progress being made, to ensure there are no lapses in quality, no inconsistencies in the craftsmanship. NRIA takes this QA process to a new level. For National Realty this means regular weekly audits and daily progress inspections. Strict Quality control is required to meet the stringent Building Code Requirements of the City of Philadelphia and is an investment on the front end that pays off handsomely in proven Bank and Sales valuations once the construction is completed. NRIA projects in Philadelphia are the largest most successful residential equity and rent projects in recent years – as the City’s largest residential Town Home developer.
  • Working with a Property Manager
Even with the best construction and the most reputable builder, no property is ever going to run perfectly and maintenance-free forever. Upkeep issues will arise, and it is ultimately up to the NRIA Property Manager to keep the home monitored, maintained, and the tenants happy with the building in tip-top shape for its investor property owner client. NRIA makes this a complete “hands free” process utilizing strategic partnerships with the City’s 2 top Property Mangers – Premiere Access Property Management ( (and Onyx Management ( Micromanaging a real estate investment oneself is not cost-effective, especially for those with many different investments, which is why NRIA strategically partners with its team of first-rate property managers.
  • Marketing
When it comes to an investment property, the “if you build it, they will come” mentality simply does not work. It is impossible to attract the right number of desirable tenants without doing some marketing. NRIA in conjunction with its dedicated Property Managers advertises its developments heavily, ensuring that everyone in the community knows how desirable these properties are. The system of advertising, promotion, and marketing the firms has created is unsurpassed in the City and combined with the incredibly safe demographics of the tight Philly rental market , combines for a “knockout punch” in fast continuous rentals.
The proof of that is the NRIA teams “5 Year Rent Guarantee” of all expenses. It is the only guarantee of its kind in the USA and unmatched in terms of providing safety and security for NRIA clients. Says Mike Burke of Premier Access Property Management” The NRIA system is the only one delivering the Quality and desired Rentable Amenities top families want. The go fast believe me I rent hundreds of them continually”.
  • Screening Tenants
Finally, a big part of the value of a new construction—or any real estate investment, for that matter—comes from the tenants themselves. A high turnover rate—or a good many vacancies—lowers the investment’s profit margins. At the same time, not just any tenant will do: The property investor needs tenants who pay their rents in a timely manner, and who do not do any damage to the property itself. As such, the NRIA recruitment and due diligence background check process thoroughly screening potential tenants, and seeking out the right kinds of people, is proven and critically important.

All of that is simply to say that, with any new construction real estate investment, it is important to take the proper steps to ensure and protect value.

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