Tuesday, 30 December 2014

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC Reviews 2014 US Realty Market

While the US real estate market still hasn’t recovered completely from market slowdown, the growth patterns of 2014 were pleasing. Few economic developments pushed overall growth in 2014, and also carry the potential to continue generating benefits in 2015.

National Realty Investment Advisors,LLC is here to share market observations, statistics and findings that influenced real estate market of USA. Here are the few highlights that made 2014 a notable year for US real estate market:

Rise in prices of single family homes
Statistics reveal that the median sales prices for single family homes rose up considerably in 2014. The growth rate is 4.9% for the same, as recorded by America’s largest trade association. It implies better prospects for future investments.

FDI in real estate
FDI in real estate for the first quarter of 2014 reached $9 billion. Foreign investors looked towards US market owing to tightened Chinese economy and saturation of Canadian real estate. Investment experts at National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC are reading this as a positive sign.

Low interest rates
Interest rates remained low and dropped down in few cases. This brought growth in home sales, particularly in entry level market. If the government didn’t consider increase in interest rates in the New Year, the real estate market might further solidify.

Considering all the real estate developments of 2014, the approaching year seems promising. Market seems positive for families and investors who plan to buy a home in 2015.
What do you think might be the real estate picture of 2015? Share your ideas and opinions in the comment section.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Where To Invest In Real Estate In 2015

The map of global real estate investment has changed. After years in which they privileged capital preservation over returns, investors have regained their taste for adventure and are branching out into alternative markets in search of good opportunities.

In particular, many parts of Europe that had thus far been overlooked because of political or economic uncertainty now look set to benefit from this new approach. A study by global real estate consultancy Knight Frank found growing appetite for previously troubled locations such as Dublin and Madrid—where luxury property prices are poised to see strong and moderate growth, respectively—second-tier cities such as Munich, where real estate values are forecast to rise sharply in 2015, and upcoming neighborhoods in established world hubs, including London and Paris.

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Why Commercial Real Estate Is Ripe For Disruption In 2015

As we round out 2014 with a slew of predictions about entrepreneurial innovation in the year to come, there’s one industry that’s virtually always  overlooked in these discussions– commercial real estate.  Nevertheless, mark my words. This industry is on the brink of disruption.   Though one of the oldest industries in the United States, commercial real estate has lagged behind other industries in terms of innovation, particularly when it comes to adopting and advancing technology  In fact, it has been argued that the commercial real estate market is in the same place that the financial services industry was 20 years ago.   Thus, there’s a huge opportunity for tech innovators to enter the market to transform everything from how a transaction is done to the manner and method that critical information is accessed.

The sheer size of the commercial real estate industry is another reason why commercial real estate is a hotbed of entrepreneurship.  Roughly the size of the U.S. stock market (an estimated $15 trillion), the CRE market continues to move through the recovery phase of the economic and real estate cycles, putting it in a strong position to grow as the economy continues to stabilize.  But to continue this forward progression, increased investment and innovation in technology is paramount.

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National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC Completes Work on 2 Luxury Townhomes in Cambridge St Philadelphia

National Realty Investment Advisor completed various remarkable real estate projects in 2014 but the year is not over yet. The company has announced the completion of two luxury townhomes in Cambridge St Philadelphia.
The exclusive homes come with well equipped kitchen, spacious rooms, sleek interiors, and much more. Located at 504 & 506 Cambridge St Philadelphia PA 19123, the new homes have been designed to satisfy home requirements of modern city dwellers.

Check out the property images to learn more about the properties located in Cambridge St Philadelphia.
National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC

highly secure real estate investment opportunities in Philadelphia region

highly secure real estate investment opportunities in Philadelphia region

504 & 506 Cambridge St Philadelphia PA 19123

remarkable real estate projects in 2014

remarkable real estate projects in 2014

National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC

Luxury Townhomes in Cambridge St Philadelphia

Luxury Townhomes in Cambridge St Philadelphia

National Realty Investment Advisors

Get in touch with National Realty Investment Advisors, LLC to explore highly secure real estate investment opportunities in Philadelphia region.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Center City Retail Sector is Growing and So Does The Real Estate

Center City includes central business district of Philadelphia and its retail setup is sustained by young forces including families, tourists and millennials.  Since the demand is growing up, the number of retailers is also on the increase. More national & international brands are opening up stores in Center City.                                      

Even if these big players have entered the picture, you can still see 77% of retailers running boutiques and firms here. The progressive trends indicate great future prospects as new retail spaces have been added to place, the details of which is below:

  •  60,000-square-foot project on Walnut Street
  • Another 30,000-square-foot on Walnut Street
  • Brickstone Properties
  •  National Real Estate Project
Out of these the Midwood Investment & Development has biggest project that is supposedly secured by Cheesecake Factory. The second biggest space (in this list) belongs to Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust and is also located at Walnut. 

Considering the experts’ options on this growth, the retail scenario is expected to gain more power if few factors including demand remain constant for a while. With this, we may see increasing demand of space as well as renting options.

Keep track of NRIA’s blog to get timely updates regarding real estate market and experts’ opinion on the current state. 

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Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Why to Buy Residential Properties at Year’s End?

Although summers see more of realty transactions but winters can offer your better home buying prospects.If you are a tenant looking for a way out of recurrent house rent then year’s end could be the right moment for you.

Buying residential property in the fourth quarter gives you more choices as compared to other times of a year. To grab the existing opportunities, you must start hunting for a new house with the start of fall because the months further may be dry a bit. Following are two other reasons that support realty purchase at year’s end:

Tax & Cost Saving 
You can save interest and taxes attached to loan if you conclude it by December end. This is how many investors cut down the interest cost and save their spring season tax. Since builders too look for closing books, you can find newly built homes at lesser rates.  

 Interested Sellers
There are sellers who cannot wait to sell their homes in next season. They prefer saving on next property purchase and are motivated to sell-off the existing one the sooner it can. Such motivated sellers can be found in the latter half of a year only because in peak season, sellers look for preferred buyers who can pay an ideal amount to them. But, to find these sellers, you may need to find the real estate agents first. 

Another convenience you may get on buying house at year’s end is the availability of movers i.e. better in December as summers are usually booked six months earlier. 

Buying a new house may force you to pay most for your income as interest but with time you will gain equity in your property. Also the increase in price will add to this equity and bring value to your investment. 

Consult realty experts, if you want more assistance on buying properties soon. NRIA will keep you up to date on the latest in real estate. Just stay connected to our blog.  


Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Rental Investment Properties Demand Few Qualities From a Landlord

The time for rental investment properties is right but that’s not all you need to earn as told by National RealtyInvestment Advisors, LLC. Having said that, experts also view that to make money from rental investments you ought to have a few landlord skills. 

Let’s brainstorm a little first about the current state of residential properties in US. In 2012 the real estate sales for residential areas were 24% i.e. less than 2011 but stand second among the highest sales figures since 2005. These properties are still affordable although the prices are on the increase. Present market offers money-making opportunities to new investors as interest rates are low and regular buyers are waiting for decrease in prices. New buyers can earn best returns by buying rental properties if they pick the right market, says NRIA’s team. 


Investing money is not enough to take advantage of present conditions. As landlord, you need to learn the skills to generate income as rent. It involves cost management as well rental property rules. 

Before you go on to investing in a rental property, find out:

  •      Whether a locality allows renting out?
  •      Are you aware enough of the market & landlord-tenant laws?
  •       How much is the cost attached to maintenance of a property? 

The realty reports that you read every day are based on different evaluations. So a simple way to safeguard your rental investments is to compare all and take experts’ help. If you want to earn from rental properties without taking the pains of constructing a building or finding tenants and managing other things then talk to NRIA for a similar investment plan. 

The company offers great investment option in Philadelphia. You can acquire a newly built home with just $11,900 plus financing and earn benefits of rental properties. Learn more about this plan at http://nria.net/ .

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